Are you a football coach with ambition and drive?

Are you looking for an outlet through which you can express and display your passion in coaching?

What do you know about football scouting, and the importance of football scouting in the modern game of football today?

Look, if you are already in a football coaching role, you can get a bigger role in the game.

If you are looking for an entry into football scouting and coaching, the word ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ does not exist here.

AFSCON is a network – an alliance that cares – that cares for you, that cares for African football, and that cares to move African football to the heights it deserves to occupy, in the global comity of nations.

The playing talent in Africa is in no doubt – we have them in abundance. We also have the coaches.

Now we need to broaden the scope of coaching and formally incorporate the role of scouts and the practice of scouting.

Join us….let us grow the game together….in our continent.

Need formal certification? You can also do this through AFSCON, as we will link you up with globally recognised certification authorities in football scouting.

Contact: info@afscoan.net