Official Launch


Official Launch of the Partnership between Sports Management Business Group (SMBG), LUNEX University, International University of Health, Exercise and Sports (LUNEX University), and Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW)

LUNEX University
17 January 2023

The official launch will consist of a series of activities. One of these activities will include a Question & Answer (Q&A) Session on “Sport in 2022 and What’s Ahead.” The session will be facilitated by Prof. Mathieu Winand, Academic Director, LUNEX University. The session will take place from 2:30 pm to 4 pm (14h30 to 16h). LUNEX University students have been invited to attend.

The session will feature the following panelists:
Mr. Hubert Register, SMBG President & Academic Orientation – “Why the partnership benefits students, faculty and those passionate about sport”

Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, President and Founder of SMWW & NFL Agent (online presence) – “SMWW: turning your passion into a skill and a skill into a career”

Mr. Ayotunde (‘Tunde) Adelakun, Captain of The African Football Club & Founder and President of the African Football Scouts and Coaches Association – “International soccer, coaching, recruitment, and African talent”

The African Football Club is a partner of SMBG and is participating in the official launch in that capacity.

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